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CT Scan in Goa

RH CARE is a chain of CT scan diagnostic center in all over Goa.

After successfully serving Pune for the last couple of years, RH Care is happy to spread its wings and serve the people of Goa with its expertise in radiology and pathology. Providing the best CT Scan facility is our mission, and we will spare no efforts to achieve it. We promise excellent service for CT Scan in Goa at most economical rates.

You can get a CT scan on any part of your body with RH CARE register CT scan centers from Goa or any city with charges starting from Rs 2500/- including contrast. Also we will create package base on your requirement if doctor given many test together.

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What is CT Scan?

CT or computerised tomography is an advanced imaging method that uses X-rays and a computer to create images of bones, internal organs, and other tissues. This method is far superior to ordinary X-rays and gives high-resolution images that help doctors for better analysis patients' problems. Unlike the ordinary X-ray, the CT scan sends numerous beams at one time from different angles to produce a clear image of the body part being scanned.

When Doctors Advice CT Scans?

CT scans are advised when the doctors feel there is a need to get a clear picture of the internal organs that isn't possible by ordinary X-rays. It could be used for scanning the internal organs from head to the toe. Even problems with delicate and hard body parts such as blood vessels and bones can be clearly examined through CT scan. Generally, CT scan is advised when the patient doesn't show any symptoms of the problems he or she is suffering from.

When CT Scan is needed?

Here is the list of body parts CT scan is used for:

Preparation for CT Scan?

In order to get clear images, you will be asked not to eat for several hours before CT Scan. Patients who are undergoing CT scan for abdomen should not eat for six hours before the scan. A radiographer will take your medical history, especially details on heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, pregnancy, asthma, and thyroid, You have to wear a hospital gown and keep jewellery, glasses, hairpins, hearing aids, piercing, dentures, and any metal objects on your body in the locker to be collected later.

Is CT Scan Painful and Risky?

CT Scan is non-invasive and painless imaging method that generally takes 10 to 30 minutes. Sometimes the scan procedure may extend 30 minutes based on the body organ being scanned as well as the need of more images by the doctor, and the different angle of scanning required.

Children and pregnant women are not allowed for CT scan due to the use of X-rays. For others, there is a marginal risk to damage to their DNA and leading to cancer due to being exposed to radiation during the scanning process.

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