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MRI Scan

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanning is an imaging process that has revolutioned the medical industry ever since it was developed in early 1980s. It’s a non-invasive, painless, and radiation-free solution for detecting abnormalities in a human body. The process is conducted by an MRI scanner built that uses magnetic and radio waves to scan and develop images of the inside organs of the body. The images produced by MRI scanning are more detailed and clear than other imaging method such as an X-ray.

How MRI Scanner works?

An MRI Scanner is a large cylindrically-shapped magnetic machine. Patients who need to be scanned have to lie inside the scanner. The scanner then sends radio waves throughout their bodies. These radio waves are 10 to 30 thousands times stronger as compared to earth’s magnetic field. These waves align the protons that are in form of hydrogen atoms inside human bodies thus resulting into detailed MRI images.

Why MRI scan is required?

MRI scanning is needed when x-rays are insufficient to diagnose certain medical conditions. It helps in analyzing and examining any abnormalities present inside the patient’s body to determine right treatment. It is recommended for several reasons such as:

How to prepare for MRI scan

Patients just have to change their dress, remove the watch, jewelry, or any accessory that attracts the magnet. They may be administered with IVs so that the radio waves can produce clearer images of the body tissues. To help patients cope with the loud noise of the scanner, they may be asked to wear ear plugs or headphones.


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