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MRI Scan in Goa

RH CARE is a chain of MRI CT scan diagnostic center in all over Goa.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

RHCare is happy to bring a state-of-the art MRI scan facility in Goa. Now getting full body scanned for diagnosing various medical conditions is fast, accurate, and affordable. We have the latest and advanced 3-Tesla MRI Scanner that produces clear images, shortens the scanning time, and helps doctors in deciding the right course of treatment.

What is MRI?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a revolutionary scanning technology that is painless and effective in getting to the root cause of injury and disease a patient is suffering from. In simple words, it's a scan or test in which magnetic and radio waves along with a computer is used to produce detailed images of micro organs inside a human body.

When MRI is needed?

Your doctor will order MRI for several reasons. It could be a long illness or recent injury that is affecting mobility and hampering daily living activities. Based on the symptoms you are experiencing, MRI scan can be for full body or specific body part such as:

How to prepare for MRI scan

An MRI scan result helps in identifying the correct cause of problem and to plan treatment. It is also used to determine whether the ongoing treatment is working or there is any change is needed.

Procedures of MRI Scan

You can eat, drink water, and even take medication on the day of your MRI scan. However, depending on the symptoms and body part to be scanned, you will be asked not to eat anything or drink water for at least four hours. In some cases, patients are even asked to drink more water than usual.

When you arrive at our MRI centre, our radiologist will take your medical history. He or she will ask about the medication you are taking, whether you have a tattoo on the body, a pacemaker or any metal in the body. Even if you have a metal in your body, you can still go for an MRI scan. However, informing the radiologist is important for better care and procedure.

Before entering the MRI scanner, you have to wear a special type of dress. Also, due to the strong magnetic fields, removing the watch, jewellery, piercing, denture, hearing aids, and wig is necessary. We will keep all the valuable in a secure locker. You can collect them after the scanning is done.

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